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That ladies and gents is the unknown forum.Unknown for the reason that we were unable to find a cool title like most of the titles u find on the internet.
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 Something that has never been writen in formal books.

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PostSubject: Something that has never been writen in formal books.   Tue Oct 16, 2007 9:27 pm

Well I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Hellenic Pantheon,about Zeus and the rest of the Olympian Gods.The Hellenic (I preffer using Hellinic rather than Greek cause it comes from the word Grekos [Γρεκος] which was given to us by the Othomans) Pantheon took its form as we know it today 5.000 years B.C.The matter is the Hellenic Pantheon excisted 10.000 years B.C with lots of differences such as less than 12 gods.Another point worth mentioning is that instead of the three major gods there were only two : Zeus, as the god of the living and Posidon as the Lord of the Underworld.One god that also excisted at that period was Dionysus.Dionysus is known to us as one of Zeus sons and god of wine.
However back then was the ancient Hellas's "Satan".His worshipers were haunted down by the authorities of those times as murdereurs cause Dionisus ceremonies back the had nothing to do with drinking and singing but with human sacrifice and dark rituals very familiar to those king Solomon perscribes in his books which deal with demonic magic (weird and spooky huh?).Even bachais (Dionysus beuttyfull female spirit followers) were more like to be compared with the Slavic urolock (vampire).
Now I'm sure that all of you who read this wonder "what does this has to do with Kalymnos".Well here's the answer : Kalymnos back then bared the name Kalydna which means "the island of Dionysus".From just this i think it's easy to make a conclution of what was happening back then... Not only Kalydna was inhabbited by the most fierce and bloodlust of the tribes which dominated Hellas ( the Doric tribe ) it had Dionysus as its "official" god.Those were days of darkness as the kingdom of Kalydna was spreading eventually concering half the Aigian creating the greatest sea force Hellas had ever seen (even greater than Athens) also spreading Dionysus religion to other islands thus creating an ear of bloodshed and chaos.
This way of woshiping Dionysus fortunately ended and it came to it as we know it today.Until today the temple of Dionysus lies near the area known as Kasonia although the ancient path is closed so if someone would like to visit it must know that there will be a lot of climbing.Kalydna,after the acknoledge of Dionysus worship, became the center of it and that's why ships from all over Hellas have been found around the island carrying wine,oil and lots of other stuff.
Well thats all about it.Be sure that you wont find much on the matter cause of reasons unknown few books were published on the Hellinc Pantheon before it becomes as we know it today.

Thank you all who read that.It took me a long time to gather this information.


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Something that has never been writen in formal books.
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